Mirabilis: Winter Volume One – Dave Morris & Leo Hartas

Mirabilis 1This is a fantastic work that weaves a whimsical and fantastical tale of wonder. Set at the turn of the Twentieth Century a comet sees magic and the supernatural return to England in a “year of wonders.”

This combines a decidedly British dose of romantic Victoriana with youthful Roald Dahl magic. It does have a childlike spirit but despite the young protagonists this isn’t exclusively a children’s book. A reader of any age will find pleasure and excitement in this tale. There are lots of delightful touches for the older or wiser reader.

The art is superb. Like Raymond Briggs but more vibrant and chromatic. Because of the period much use is made of candles and gas lamps and through digital colouring these produce marvellous effects. The panels are the straight edge variety but the variable sizes and frequent extrusions make it come alive.

The oversize hardback format makes a real difference to the spectacle of the book. With plenty of insert pages between chapters this book has the lavish feel it deserves.

Double Thumbs Up for ideas and execution.

2 thoughts on “Mirabilis: Winter Volume One – Dave Morris & Leo Hartas

  1. Sounds interesting! I’m going to add it to my books to read list. On a different note, 365 days of graphic novels is quite a challenge! I applaud you for taking it on and can’t wait to see what new ones you read and recommend. I love graphic novels and finding new books to enjoy 🙂

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