Mirabilis: Winter Volume Two – Dave Morris & Leo Hartas

Mirabilis 2The excitement and adventure continues but the supernatural elements take a back seat in favour of mystery and romance. We have an Around the World in 80 Days vibe and an almost Tintinesque thriller aspect to things. People in black hats and moustaches (who are terribly foreign) are up to no good.

There is a lot crammed into this book however and it is a real page turner with plenty of action. For the most part you are left to solve the mysteries yourself and the clues and trail are carefully laid for you to follow.

The art is astoundingly good with incredible colours. This is the archetypal visual feast and you have no idea how they could cram any more vibrancy in. The book goes from snowy Transylvania to balmy Constantinople with ease. You can feel the atmosphere radiating from the page.

The book has shifted down to paperback and you undoubtedly miss the oversized art and more comfortable binding.

A worthy Thumbs Up!

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