The Complete Wynonna Earp – Beau Smith

Complete Wynonna EarpThis volume contains five stories about a female descendant of Wyatt Earp who is a US Marshal and fights the paranormal. Zombies, vampires and things that should not be, you get the gist. There is an Old West, pulp vibe to it with backwater American towns and hillbilly werewolves.

Unfortunately the first thing a girl has to learn when fighting the supernatural is to dress like a stripper. Garlic and silver bullets are clearly not as effective as the bare midriff, bountiful cleavage and skirts so short they can’t be seen with the naked eye. This is a shame as Smith makes encouraging statements in his afterword about female heroes.

It tries to poke fun at itself or its stereotypes but doesn’t quite have the finesse of Empowered or Bomb Queen. It sinks to an all-time low with a two-page strip announcing its cancellation in which the author appears as himself. But there are some nice gags and the two stories following this see her much more sensibly dressed and proportioned.

There is a different artist for each story. It is mostly the Image/ Spawn type affair with bombastic action and colours. All Amazon poses and open-legged action shots. There is an Angela/ Witchblade feel to the initial stories. The prologue looks completely different with a Ben Templesmith style that would have produced a very different project had it continued. Not least because she is wearing real clothing.

The star of the show, in both tasteful art and superb writing, is Home on the Strange in which the original Earp and his killers, The Cowboys, make a return for a rematch at Tombstone. She does get a bit James Bond with gizmos and gadgets but the core is a real story about realistic people. Some of whom actually lived.

It takes a while but this does reach an appreciable Thumbs Up!

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