Great Pacific: Trashed – Joe Harris

Great Pacific - TrashedThis is a wonderful book, an incredible book, with fresh, original ideas and a wonderful sense of adventure.

It is also a beautiful book with an amazing opening. Nice clear faces, plenty of detail and wonderful colours. Not the subtle, matt tones of photorealism but bold superhero colours used effectively for once. Great composition, strong ideas and a really talented letterer.

We have seen billionaire young men, despised by their company’s board of directors, undertake secret projects many times before. But never at fourteen and seldom do they decide to found their own sovereign nation on a free-floating garbage slick in the middle of the ocean.

There is a bit of science fiction, a grounding of realism, an appetising dollop of environmental concern plus the relentless adventure of a Tintin book.

This is a superb and rewarding read worthy of a Double Thumbs Up!

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