Incognito – Ed Brubaker

Incognito 1A Supervillain ends up in witness protection and has a hard time dealing with the loss of his old life.

This could be another volume in Brubaker’s excellent Criminal series – maybe with some Powers thrown in. That’s a great compliment as we have a strong noir style, a pulp setting and a thriller of a story. It’s everything Brubaker excels at. The plot is strong and strides confidently forward taking you in all sorts of directions. The premise is good making someone with abilities we could never have actually relatable to us.

The art is great with long term collaborator Sean Phillips doing sterling work. There is nothing shocking or original here but that isn’t what you want from gritty and hard boiled. It is about the story, the characters and feeling this could have been a black and white adventure serial.

It won’t rock your world but won’t disappoint you either. The female characters actually get a lot more to do than they would in a normal Brubaker book but still suffer from the “dames” template that goes with the territory.

A Thumbs Up!

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