Three Men in a Boat – Nidhi Verma

Three men in a BoatThis is a curious work indeed, being an adaptation of a nineteenth century English novel by an Indian publisher into an illustrated story for children. It does retain the spirit of the original book quite well and is a charming read but it is hard to capture the existential musings of the Victorian gentleman in anything but a novel.

It is an illustrated story as the pictures are there to accompany the text and never substitute for it. There isn’t a single mute panel and narration and dialogue are narrative engine. Having said that the art is wonderful to behold. Beautiful colours, quirky caricatures and a quaint style means it appeals to both children and adults. As much of the tale is a series of anecdotes some clever sepia washes and cloudlike borders are used to blend these seamlessly into the main thread.

There are two pages of facts and activities at the back of the book especially for children. This work certainly does not disgrace what has become a literary classic.

Thumbs Up!

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