It’s a Good Life if you don’t Weaken – Seth

It’s a Good Life if you don’t WeakenSeth is the Cartoonist who produced the marvellous Wimbledon Green. This autobiographical work contains elements that you can see adapted into that fictional tale.

We follow Seth as he tries to track down a cartoonist that had a very brief career. Along the way we see his quiet anxiety about the world around him and how it has changed as he has grown older. We hear his insecurities and with painful honesty discover the kind of person he has become. This is a subtle and emotional work almost in the vein of literary fiction.

It is described as a “picture novella” and although it appears as a graphic novel the words do all the talking and the pictures are a kind of visual muzak that plays in the background. There are some occasions where the text goes silent and we are treated to a series of vignettes to help capture a moment of a place.

The panels are classic three rows per page and contain nothing of the flair seen in Wimbledon Green. But that is perfect for the melancholy and everyday subject matter. There are three colours used, black, white and a pale almost metallic blue-grey. This gives the whole work a very period quality that matches the nostalgic theme of the writing.

This is a charming and authentic tale that makes you smile and maybe nod sagely at Seth’s wisdom and shrewd observations.

Thumbs Up!

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