Kissing Chaos: Nonstop Beauty – Arthur Dela Cruz

Kissing Chaos 2This is the second volume that, in the words of the author, is about “teenage politics, dark conspiracies and unrequited love.”

There is a little crossover from the previous volume but the majority of the cast are new. The questions being asked, amidst the copious pop-culture references, are about the nature of art and the triviality of modern youth.

This ticks along sedately holding a mirror up to the young generation with the occasional laugh out loud moment. The timeline flicks backward and forward between two events keeping you in the dark for a while.

The art is light and casual, never straying too far from square panels but the black and white palette is used effectively and there is really great shading when we switch to the white on black nocturnal scenes.

Not as great or ambitious as Wet Moon but competently done.

Thumbs Up!

2 thoughts on “Kissing Chaos: Nonstop Beauty – Arthur Dela Cruz

  1. Your review is short. But very much to the point it seems. I like the fact that you have an opinion about the art and story and go into some details. I’ll keep a look out for Kissing Chaos. Thanks…

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