Nemesis – Mark Millar

NemesisA criminal mastermind and brilliant cop go head to head in an ultraviolent spectacular.

What an exciting little book. It is like the comic equivalent of a music video. It looks pretty for a short space of time and will leave you humming after the music stops. There is no message, no deep thought, no real character development even. But it is bloody entertaining. Your higher brain shuts down and everything but your eyeballs and page turning fingers goes to sleep as those two parts go into overdrive. It is completely over the top in terms of violence, colour, black humour and twist upon twist.

The art is fabulous with most panels being page wide and plenty of full page panels too. Whilst there is lots of dialogue it never descends into repetitive talking heads. This has such a wonderfully visual feel and is tingling with action. The fact the villain looks like Batman but in a pure white costume is a really inspired choice.

A broad grin and a Thumbs Up!

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