Bomb Queen I: WMD – Jimmie Robinson

Bomb Queen 1A true villainess has taken control of a city setting herself up as a modern day queen. Various heroic types try and oust her from power in the name of the people. But is this what the people really want?

This is a satire. Quite a biting one that takes a pop at pretty much everything. It seeks to be brutal and tasteless, yet at the same time is laughing with you at itself. Politics, Western culture, sexism, the media, all come under fire.

In today’s world of corrupt and ineffectual politicians and governments how can you be sure they have your best interests at heart? If you can’t have the ideal of a benevolent dictator how about an apathetic one? At least you know where you stand, and they do all their dirty deeds right in front of you.

This is an interesting concept and certainly raises the question of how much shit are we prepared to eat if people tell us it is for our own good. There is plenty of moral outrage in today’s world but is it pointed the right way?

Bomb Queen herself is an interesting character, or rather an interesting idea. In four issues she doesn’t get a lot of room to grow but stamps a bold silhouette, ensuring she isn’t just a catalyst for the sociological theme.

Robinson highlights the way female characters have been portrayed in comics over the years and women in the media as a whole. He does this by making Bomb Queen the most outrageous caricature of tits and ass with the most pornographic costume you can ever imagine. He also uses panels and covers that cut her off at the nose, and by hiding her eyes further objectifying her. Thus making you the reader part of the equation in and endless spiral. And yet she rules a city, holds the power of life and death over hundreds of thousands of people and isn’t dressing like this to please her husband, employer or other male figure, but because she can.

The art is great with a digital, Manga, spandex, feel. Clever use of colours and perspective gives some real depth to the page. As Robinson writes and draws this work the two disciplines are in sync and the art is free to leave the panels and break the rules to satisfy his creativity.

You can keep reading layer after layer of depth into this work, perhaps more than was there in the first place, but it sure makes you sit up and take notice.

For asking questions via new and original ideas, a Double Thumbs Up!

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