Bomb Queen II: Dirty Bomb – Jimmie Robinson

Bomb Queen 2Well, the wonderfully biting satire has disappeared but it is replaced by quite a thriller. Here we have the origin story that was set up last volume and pays off in style. There is a great twist and typical Bomb Queen ending.

This is a great story but sadly overshadowed by the majesty of the opening book. If the two books were reversed things might be different, but might not. We see deeper into Bomb Queen’s mind and learn what a vulnerable character she is inside.

The art is great. There is plenty of nudity but cleverly the sex is replaced by double entendre pictures such as hotdogs, trains in tunnels and so on. This fits in really well with the humour and tone that Robinson is working hard to establish.

There is an over reliance on under age sex references as the principle shock value. The fact they aren’t particularly shocking is probably quite an insightful comment.

A great book that couldn’t possibly fill its predecessor’s shoes.

Thumbs Up!

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