Bomb Queen III: The Good, the Bad & the Lovely – Jimmie Robinson

Bomb Queen 3Oh no. It’s all gone horribly wrong. Crossover fever has forced this finely-crafted modern social satire off the rails. Characters we don’t know and care nothing about hijack the book to such an extent that Bomb Queen herself breaks the fourth wall and laments her lack of screen time.

This is a real disappointment. Comics we have never heard of are referenced and interlopers continue their story arcs in front of our bemused eyes. This is a shame as the storytelling technique, the art, and the lettering are all first rate.

But it does get better. Robinson finds a way to anchor these intruders to the BQ universe. Although the ensemble cast is a bit unwieldy and there is a lot of exposition to grease this rough and unwelcome insertion he does pull it off. If you see it through to the end you are rewarded with a thrilling story and a lot of neat little twists.

A late Thumbs Up!

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