Bomb Queen IV: Suicide Bomber – Jimmie Robinson

Bomb Queen 4The bitch is back and thank goodness so is the satire. With a nose bloodying punch this book gouges deep into America and all its political failings. After the growing pains of the previous two books this marks a definite return to form.

Trouble is it is almost too good. This book is packed with so much humour, gratuity and entertaining storyline that the critical message is in danger of being overshadowed. But Bomb Queen can be many things to many people so each reader will take what they want from the story.

There are crossover characters here but they are used much more intelligently. You get the feeling Robinson is picking and choosing the elements he wants to tell his story rather than having characters foisted upon him.

The art is just as bombastic as ever. Plenty of gruesome background detail and tasteless poses from our anti-heroine. Journeys to mainland America and Hell get a different colour palette to mark the geographical shift. Once again the lettering also gets a lot more attention than 90% of all other titles.

There is a hefty supernatural element to this tale and a definite Spawn presence but there should be enough other threads for you to grasp if you aren’t a fan.

A solid Thumbs Up!

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