Bomb Queen V: Bombastic – Jimmie Robinson

Bomb Queen 5This book is so highly polished it glows in the dark. It is possibly the finest in the series, yet the Queen is only in a third of the book.

This title follows three human protagonists working for a comic blog. Each of their personalities is a metaphor for a style of comic-book which dictates how they talk and act. Genius. Sequential art is very much the theme of this book. The fans, the tropes, the history all come under Robinson’s beady eye and are put through the wringer.

Although mostly about comics there are some witty political barbs and even a presidential appearance. Couple this with a really entertaining and suspenseful storyline and you are on to a winner. And just when you think BQ is every boy’s fantasy Robinson invents a super-heroine with the power of trains. Choo Choo baby! Like Editor Girl in the previous volume this is a really imaginative concept showcasing one of Robinson’s talents.

The art is top-notch. So much effort and creativity has gone into the layout, framing, panel shapes, colours, lettering and every aspect of this work. Everything but the kitchen sink is thrown at the page and all intelligently and successfully too.

There is an insightful introduction from the editor, the next red cross diary (are you reading those?), a sketch and concept gallery, and a selection fan art as extras.

Time for a Double Thumbs Up!!

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