Bomb Queen VI: Time Bomb – Jimmie Robinson

Bomb Queen 6Welcome to bigger, better, faster, more; or just how far can Robinson push it. Capitalising on the trend for putting President Obama and other real people in comic books this is the most brutal satire on America.

Using real people and thinly veiled disguises of others does make for some uncomfortable reading. But in a country whose media delights in dumbing everything down maybe this in-your-face approach is what is needed to reach audiences ill-equipped for elegant satire.

Bomb Queen is a complex book and it attacks the lazy and ignorant about many issues. It doesn’t skimp on storytelling however. There a lot of strong twists and shocks that keep this an entertaining read as opposed to a hardcore rant. Or solely a hardcore rant. Each volume you have to remind yourself that she is a villain and that you aren’t supposed to be rooting for her; even if the heroes of our world are shady, hypocritical, self-serving, assholes.

The art is fantastic and nothing seems rushed or hurried. Each page is meticulously detailed and exquisitely coloured. Even the lettering shines and makes a valuable contribution to both the visual flair and characterisation. There are a lot of real world graphics used covering everything from governmental seals to internet sites. The first page is a series of Google searches on the fictional New Port City. This has to be one of the most elegant new reader primers ever devised and is typical of the intelligence which Robinson imparts into his work.

And you really can’t wait for next book as the final pages hit the fan.

An outstanding Thumbs Up!

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