Bomb Queen VII: The End of Hope – Jimmie Robinson

Bomb Queen 7This volume proves, as if there was any doubt, that Robinson has both imagination and talent – in spades. From the apocalyptic ending of the previous volume we jump forward 100 years to see a society of the future.

Part Matrix, part Demolition Man this world is a satire of our own information age. A cruel look at the way digital technology is undermining our values and rendering us shallow, petty, ignorant and lazy. It succeeds wonderfully from the speech patterns and vocabulary of the youth of tomorrow to the idea of librarian terrorists.

The art is top notch stuff and as we now have the age of instant information and the heads up display Robinson goes mad with his wonderfully intrusive graphics and info bursts. Would you like to know more?

This is a wordy book and the additional pop-ups do slow things down but the concepts being discussed carry you through. There is a cover breakdown and a selection of Robinson’s other books from his wide variety of genres.

Definitely a Thumbs Up!

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