Sgt. Rock: Between Hell & A Hard Place #2 (Vertigo Resurrected) – Brian Azzarello & Joe Kubert

Sgt. Rock Between Hell & A Hard Place 2This concluding part continues the great work established in the first book. Things do get more complex, as just when you are thinking the Germans were nothing more than faceless uniforms they start to talk. Things do get a bit Noir and then more philosophical than you were expecting which does disorientate you a bit.

Comics are filled with violence and even death but there is something about a war comic that makes the suffering endured by real people seem more tangible. It is the courage shown by those without superpowers which is the most valuable and most relatable.

The art is just as good as ever with the visuals, whilst appearing simple, conveying a lot of emotion and atmosphere.

We have another two classic stories from the Rock cannon. How the Sarge got his stripes and the arrival of “the wall.” Both are typical of their time and have a much faster pace than the superbly told Azzarello story.

This volume doesn’t have the historical chapter heading of the previous volume which is an opportunity lost.

Still a Thumbs Up!

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