Commando: Rescue Mission #970 – Unknown

CommandoAn English general, a Russian general and an American general are in a German chateau. No it isn’t the start of a joke it is the premise for this bizarre war story.

Commando is a digest sized magazine that has been printing illustrated war stories since 1961 and is still going strong to this day. It isn’t a graphic novel as such but there are two or three panels per page that have both prose narration and speech bubble dialogue. The pictures are always to accompany the story never to tell it.

This issue is from 1975 and it shows. The Germans are stereotypes uttering “Himmel” and “Donner und Blitzen” and providing the comedy relief. Whilst they are the bad guys they aren’t actually faceless and evil. They behave rationally and intelligently and act with courage and honour. Their key personnel all have names and just as much characterisation as the allies – which isn’t that much.

You aren’t sure if the story is meant to be true or not. Names and places are all detailed but the story is so extraordinary that you feel like you are watching the sequel to Where Eagles Dare. It is very wordy but certainly ticks along quite merrily and delivers you expertly to the finish.

The art is black and white ink with the occasional area of grey shading. It has a colour cover and looks to be printed on the cheap book stock of the time that yellows and crumbles fast.

Despite the fact not a single female appears or is referenced in this book it still gets a Thumbs Up and would definitely make a great film.

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