American Vampire: Volume 6 – Scott Snyder et al

American Vampire 6This slim volume is in two parts. The first is a standard story, and a good one too, with Albuquerque getting a script and story credit as well as an art one. Like all good vampire tales this is a romance, but with the usual bittersweet aftertaste.

The second is an anthology with one-shots of various lengths by Jason Aaron, Jeff Lemire, Becky Cloonan, Francesco Francavilla, Gail Simone, Garbiel Ba, Greg Rucker and another outing from Albuquerque on art and story. They are bookended by some Snyder pages that are just dressing really.

As with all anthologies there will be some you like and some you don’t but the standard is pretty high with each author taking a strong hook and using as much or as little of the Snyderverse as they feel necessary.

The art is great and we see some new names such as Declan Shalvey, Ivo Milazzo, Ray Fawkes, Tula Lotay, Fabio Moon and JP Leon, getting involved in the anthology. There are certainly a lot of different styles at work and the Albuquerque piece is very different from his usual fare. The star is Francavilla whose story is told almost entirely in block colours of blue and red.

It might be that Snyder is interested to see what others make of the world he has created, after all his initial book was a collaboration with Stephen King. Or it might be that he is so caught up in his extensive work for DC that he must neglect one of his finest and most original works. The next volume will probably tell us.

Thumbs Up!

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