Bomb Queen Omnibust – Jimmie Robinson

Bomb Queen OmnibustThis is a magnificent hardback volume that collects the first three storylines and adds a ton of extras. The book is well presented with an attractive dust jacket concealing an embossed all black cover. The stitching is first rate with the book lying flat when open ensuring you can see what is happening in the centre without breaking the spine. The book is slightly taller than regular trades making the art pop even more.

There are dozens of pages of extras including a full concept gallery with insightful commentary about the whole design process. Lots of pin-ups from other artists. A who’s who of the four queens. Plus a lengthy interview with the creator. There are plenty of fake adverts too such as one for the Die Pod mocking Apple’s famous two colour adverts. And there is even a tongue in cheek board game mock-up. The whole book has a lavish feel with lots of pages of art inserted before the contents page and the famous yellow and black bomb symbol gracing the inner covers.

If you are going to start on Bomb Queen then is a great way to do it. This is everything a collector’s edition should be.

Thumbs Up!

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