Ghostbusters Volume 1 “The Man from the Mirror” – Erik Burnham

GB1This volume collects the first four issues of IDW’s ongoing series that began in September 2011 and contains a complete story. Flushed with the success of their previous one-shots and mini-series this fits nicely into the cannon they created but is accessible to the new reader.

It is packed with references to the original films, videogame, cartoon, comics and pop-culture in general. This is rarely intrusive but eagle-eyes will smile at the copious background detail. All the regulars are here including Slimer, Janine, Gozer and Walter Peck in addition to the fab four. Within a few pages you are back in haunted New York and hearing the voices of the original actors in your head as the smooth dialogue takes you on a nostalgia trip.

The art pays homage to the Real Ghostbusters cartoon with the characters stylised but immediately recognisable. The colouring is lush and vibrant and not afraid to experiment when evoking spooky atmosphere. The panelling is loose and creative when it needs to be but always easy to follow.

This is a great start and although only four issues you don’t feel short changed.

Thumbs Up!

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