Ghostbusters Volume 2 “The Most Magical Place On Earth” – Erik Burnham

GB2The series continues with an OK main story and some subtle plot threads being developed for later. What is amazing is the sheer number of Ghostbusters references taken from the films, videogame and predominantly the cartoon series. Pages are stuffed full of hidden call-backs to these properties that won’t trouble the casual reader but will make the fanboys squeal.

As we learn more about the source of the enhanced supernatural activity the last few pages turn to a story within a story. We are presented with a Russian folktale, the telling of which prompts a change in both narrative and art styles.

The art is just as bold and confident as the first volume. Great use of digital colouring is seen for all the special effects and is a wonderfully atmospheric tool. The eerie scenes almost flicker before your eyes and the whole piece has a very dynamic and animated feel.

A great series very much in tune with the spirit (har har) of the original.

Thumbs Up!

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