Ghostbusters Volume 3 “Haunted America” – Erik Burnham

GB3The Ghostbusters pile into an RV for a road-trip across America. This is the flimsy premise for a series of one shots featuring the spooks of Detroit, New Orleans, Seattle and Roswell. The stories are OK with some offbeat ideas but the short length is a diversion from establishing an ongoing drama. When the boys get back to the Big Apple things really start to kick off as the background plot erupts, heralding what should be an amazing volume four.

An unusual story is also shoehorned in starring only Venkman and lifting the plot of Spielberg’s Duel. This has a different writer and artist – the same Tristan Jones who did the previous volume’s Russian folktale. The style is completely different and although out of place is a superb ghost story with a proper twist ending.

Mostly the art is the usual luscious, action infused hyperbole the series has stuck by. The in-jokes also go completely off the scale. The Venkman story is entirely different and jarring by comparison, being much darker and infinitely more textured. This benefits the tale being told but makes the lone Ghost Buster feel like a real cuckoo.

Thumbs Up!

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