Ghostbusters Volume 4 “Who Ya Gonna Call?” – Erik Burnham

GB4This should be a cracking story. The threads have been delicately woven after the first three volumes and launched in the final pages of the previous book. Whilst it is a great idea, long overdue even, sadly it is wrapped up all too briefly. It seems they haven’t got out of the one-shot mind-set from the last instalment and now we launch into yet another plot to be resolved in the next book. They really haven’t got hold of the “ongoing series concept” they promised.

The art is great with some hefty showdowns lending themselves to big panel action. A lot of thought and effort goes into the creature design and the stylist caricatures. Good use is also made of digital technology and not just for the superb colouring either.

It is a Thumbs Up but only just.

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