Ghostbusters Total Containment – Erik Burnham & Tristan Jones

GB TCThis collects the sixteen issue ongoing series that IDW launched in 2011 and later reissued in four trade paperbacks. It is a very sturdy hardcover that isn’t too heavy for the hand at 432 pages and lays open on a table very well. You can see right into the centre pages and will have no fear of the spine letting you down.

It is slightly oversized. Definitely not an Absolute Edition but bigger than a standard issue by an inch or so. The art is also full bleed making things really pop off the page. As the panel divisions are thin black lines the whole effect is more cinematic than literary. The high gloss paper and the digital colouring work in combination to give a real visual feast.

The storylines are good, striking a balance between the new reader and the rabid fanboy. The more you know about the GB lore the more you will get out of them as every page background is packed with hidden gems and easter eggs but these rarely interrupt the flow of the story.

Unusually the issues start and end aren’t marked save for a modest red number in the corner. This helps things flow like watching a DVD without the ad breaks. Between stories there are extras like technical drawings, sketches and in character documents that would have been present in the individual issues but have been moved to more convenient points.

There are 34 pages of extras including script breakdowns, concept art, sketches and lots of covers. The series was known for an abnormally high number of variant covers. Many of them have been reproduced here either as single page or four to a page showing the amazing creativity and wealth of styles and ideas.

It is expensive but you are getting four TPB’s and a bullet proof binding.

Thumbs Up!

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