Global Frequency: Volume 1 Planet Ablaze – Warren Ellis

Global Frequency 1Written in 2003 this is vintage Ellis. You can see elements of Planetary, Stormwatch, The Authority and even Fell. Each of the six issues here present a different potential disaster and different agents all around the world are pulled in to avert the crisis. This gives a really zippy pacing that feels like you are against the clock and makes for a real page-turner. It does in some way mitigate the lack of recurring characters and background detail but it could prove hollow in the long term.

Each story has a different artist and the roster comprises: Steve Dillon, Glen Fabry, Gary Leach, David Lloyd, Roy A. Martinez, Jon J. Muth and Liam Sharp. Normally this would be a problem but as each episode is self-contained with mostly different characters this is a highly workable idea. Having the same letterer and colourist gives you all the continuity you need.

Having the agents as normal people but with appropriate skills lends the book a grounded feel so this is more Bourne Identity than X-Men. You can see how this was made into a TV pilot.

Thumbs Up!

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