Global Frequency: Volume 2 Detonation Radio – Warren Ellis

Global Frequency 2Time for another six episodes of the Mission Impossible Social Network. These breakneck tales follow the same template as before and are just as enjoyable. The star of the show is the last one which does bring in some previous characters and give you a little peek at Aleph’s background. Sadly there were no more after this and the TV show never got past a pilot.

On the art duties this volume are Simon Bisley, Chris Sprouse, Lee Bermejo, Tomm Coker, Jason Pearson, and Gene Ha. David Baron continues to do all the colours. The art is a little more diverse with some of them pushing the panel boundaries. There are also some astounding colour combinations too. Gene Ha’s superbly detailed work is breath-taking and he uses some very imaginative backdrops. Definitely a high note to end on.

Thumbs Up!

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