The Authority Volume Two: Under New Management – Warren Ellis & Mark Millar

A02This is an odd volume as it has the last story from Warren Ellis and the first one by Mark Millar.

The Ellis story is a rather unusual take on the god is a Spaceman idea. He also builds to a climax for the team and certain characters superbly. You definitely get a sense of the curtain coming down. Not for good but for a planned intermission.

Then the entire creative team changes and Mark Millar discovers the project he was born for. Without any kind of restraining baggage normally present with superheroes he explodes in quite an accomplished and humorous state-of-the-world-address. There is plenty of violence and vulgarity, and no shortage of subjects to include in his tirade – including comics – but he takes to the concept of The Authority like a duck to water.

The art also changes. We say goodbye to the crisp clean lines of Hitch and hello to the looser style of Frank Quietly. You quickly accept him and it is a smooth transition. His habit of hiding interesting details in the background convinces you this isn’t just another paid gig for him.

One of the only people to bridge the two books is the letterer. The familiar captions and conventions established under the Ellis vision remain and bond these two stories together. The colouring is still bold and gorgeous even on the crappy newsprint paper Wildstorm insists on using. The covers are reproduced in a gallery at the end.

It seemed an odd choice to put the switch between two creators in one book but it actually works and serves to show you that The Authority is in great hands.

Thumbs Up!

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