The Authority Volume Four: Transfer of Power – Mark Millar & Tom Peyer

A04This book sees Mark Millar’s exit from The Authority. This is a shame as he was just beginning to have fun and tell some interesting stories. In this tale he installs a fake, puppet Authority and rather than killing off the originals the Powers That Be condemn them to their own personal hells. These two vehicles show that Millar has a great understanding of these characters and it is a shame he never continued. But always leave them wanting more right?

We also have Tom Peyer writing a story solely with the fake Authority that is interleaved with the Millar tale, alternating on an almost issue by issue basis. He also does a great job of getting what the message of The Authority is and it would have been nice to see what he could have done with the real team.

The art is good despite the artist changing every five minutes. Quietly is there briefly before being replaced by Arthur Adams and then Gary Erskine, making a return from the original line-up. Dustin Nguyen manages to stay for the whole of the Peyer story and thank goodness we have David Baron’s excellent colours to tie it all together.

Looking behind the curtain The Authority was clearly a troubled series. On the surface however a lot of talented and creative people were working very hard to hold it all together.

Thumbs Up!

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