The Absolute Authority Volume One – Warren Ellis

Absolute Authority 01This is how to read comics. Even though the pages are only slightly bigger having that area makes a world of difference. Plus having a glossy paper as opposed to the newsprint stock Wildstorm usually uses allows the colours to be seen as they were intended.

The whole product oozes quality from the sturdy blue hardcover with blue foil embossing to the full colour dust jacket to the stylised slipcase. The book isn’t too heavy to hold, fits nicely in the hand and opens right up to lay flat with ease. There is even a ribbon bookmark to mark your page.

The covers are within the story (not at the back in a gallery like the smaller TPB’s) making great issue dividers. Each issue also has additional chapter labelling that was omitted from the TPB. There is the full script to issue one reproduced life-size and some notes on the creative changes the pages went through. There is full page creative breakdown and some witty creator biographies.

This is the whole of Warren Ellis’ run and packaging all 12 issues into one volume makes so much more sense. This is definitely the way to experience the Authority and comics in general.

Double Thumbs Up!

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