The Absolute Authority Volume Two – Mark Millar

Absolute Authority 02Once again The Authority benefits from the premier treatment. The increased size and most importantly the high gloss paper make all the difference to the art. You can see just how cinematic comics can become.
The slipcase and specially commissioned dust jacket add a luxurious edge to this product. The hardcover in burgundy and gold is just as practical as it is beautiful opening fully to lay flat.

The internal treatment is just as lush with additional pages inserted between issues along with text free covers. The only extra is a brief pinup with some unusual names contributing.

This collects all twelve issues of the Millar run but there is no sign of the Annual or Special that chronologically occurred during this period. It is also missing the “Transfer of Power” issues that were interleaved with final “Brave New World” which marked Millar’s exit.

Not all it could have been but a Thumbs Up!

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