Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of the Authority – Mark Millar

Jenny SparksIt’s an origin story. A series of five one-shots that details how Jenny meets the individuals who would become the starting line-up of The Authority.

If you were getting attached to Mark Millar’s run and want more then this will have to do. Rather than a scathing political commentary this is played for laughs. We dip into Jenny’s 100 year past for a series of pulp adventures dating back to 1913. Most of those mysterious questions you had about where everyone came from – the kind that are better left unanswered – are explained.

The art is great with John McCrea doing a fine job picking up the baton and Ian Hannin working hard to live up to the fabulous colours of David Baron. Nothing innovative and not particularly ‘widescreen’ but all the characters you love are definitely there in the flesh.

This is a book that doesn’t need to exist but if you don’t want to let Millar or Sparks go just yet then this should bring you some chuckles. It’s got Hitler in it, what’s not to like.

Thumbs Up!

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