The Authority: Human on the Inside – John Ridley

Human on the InsideThis is another volume that doesn’t sit well in the Authority timeline. It has no volume number and as far as I know was never released as single issues.

It is self-contained and references the “fake” Authority that Millar introduced and were active in the issues about this time. It also has an appearance by an old Stormwatch member.
This is written by novelist and screenwriter John Ridley. He does a reasonable job and has obviously read some of the backstory. It doesn’t go for Ellis’ politics or Millar’s slapstick but there is a bit of meat on the characters and the drama.

The art is very different from the usual glossy dayglow. It reminded me of the Adi Granov work in Iron Man: Extremis that would appear two years later. This is a very matt texture that looks hand coloured using pencils or similar. The layout too is creative and imaginative and goes back to the “widescreen” origins of the series.

The hardcover version is lovely with a beautiful buff cover and metallic green foiling with a portrait of Swift on the front. There are additional cover sheets that give a quality feel and because there are no issue dividers it flows wonderfully into a single-sitting read.

It is entertaining enough for a Thumbs Up!

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