The Authority Volume Five: Harsh Realities – Robbie Morrison

A05How do you follow Ellis and Millar? You can’t but Morrison certainly gives it his all, blending the epic action and dirty politics of the previous two writers.

There is an issue zero which presumably was good enough for Wildstorm to let him loose on a longer gig. Then a four issue story which does a great job and has an interesting villain. This is saying something seeing as The Authority have taken on God. Then there is a single issue story that shows a more grounded and emotional understanding of what you can achieve with this title.

If you try and forget about the majesty of Morrison’s predecessors then he actually does a fine job of understanding and using The Authority correctly. Jenny Quantum can now talk and so Morrison makes her his own. Her unique viewpoint is very valuable to the last story and she is certainly well portrayed.

Dwayne Turner does a great job on the art adopting the familiar strong lines and detailed faces of his forerunners. David Baron is still the colourist and his signature effects of the Doors and the Bleed, plus excellent lighting effects remind you this is still the familiar Authority you know and love.

Unfortunately the last story is very different. Tang Eng Huat chooses an incredibly fine line style with distinctive detailing. This coupled with the switch from black backgrounds to white make it feel quite alien, although you can still feel it is the Authority, even if it doesn’t look like them.

Thumbs Up!

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