The Authority Volume Six: Fractured Worlds – Robbie Morrison

A06Following Morrison’s success on the previous volume he throws himself into The Authority and produces some great results. The first of three stories deals with a new religion. Whilst interesting it doesn’t ask as many questions as it could have, being more of an action romp instead.

Then the events of Coup D’état take place off-screen (collected in a separate trade paperback) and we enter a new story. This is definitely the highlight Morrison’s run with an unusual and unexpected antagonist, the Authority pushed to breaking point and some very hard decisions being made.

Finally we have a one shot concerning Jack Hawksmoor. This is a much more personal tale dealing with the death of just one person. An interesting choice but one possibly motivated by the announcement Morrison was being replaced.

Dwayne Turner does a fine job on the art but it isn’t the clean, sweeping strokes of the original Bryan Hitch work. Whilce Portacio does the last issue and really shakes things up in terms of layout making the visuals just as unusual as the theme. The colours for this are also distinctive and well chosen.

The curse of The Authority is that no one (other than superb colourist David Baron) lasts more than a year.

A proud Thumbs Up!

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