The Authority Volume Seven: Revolution Book One – Ed Brubaker

A07 Rev1Brubaker continues the story he established in Coup D’état with the Authority taking over the USA. Naturally all does not go well.

Sadly there isn’t a lot of time to brood over the political metaphysics this situation creates. Brubaker, who is well known for his deep characterisation, plunges headlong into action. It is a thrilling ride and the Authority are constantly on the back foot, something hard to achieve with their powers, but… The reveal of their new antagonist is great and the story breaks at a real low point for the team. You definitely can’t wait for the next six issues to kick ass and take names.

The art is serviceable but not up to the amazing beginnings of Hitch and Quietly. This is a shame as Nyugen has done sterling work previously. The colouring is fine but it is definitely a shame to see the longest serving Authority contributor, David Baron, finally depart.

Thumbs Up!

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