The Authority Volume Eight: Revolution Book Two – Ed Brubaker

A08 Rev2Well Brubaker certainly knows his history as Bendix is not the only blast from the past. Trouble is if you don’t know your Stormwatch you will definitely be lost. Brubaker has a reputation for dialogue and our villain spends forty odd pages espousing his evil machinations. Admittedly it is the best plan ever and only someone with his knowledge could prove a serious threat to the Authority.

There are lots of little touches if you have been a reader from the beginning. He handles Jenny Q and the other Jenny’s very well. He is respectful to the source material but picks it up and runs with it. There is even some ideology, but this is definitely second fiddle to the thriller/ action movie he is intent on creating.

The art is certainly colourful and imaginative but it doesn’t have that widescreen feel to it. A lot of effort goes into it and with locations such as the Bleed and the Garden, and new ones being introduced, there is certainly a feast for the eyes. It has a tough ancestry to compete with and you will have to make up your mind if it delivers or not.

Thumbs Up!

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