Midnighter: Killing Machine – Garth Ennis

Midnighter1So, you are asking ‘is there enough depth to Midnighter to justify a solo series?’ And what will Garth Ennis do with him?

Seeing as this is Ennis, Midnighter enters a war zone (with tanks) on page 8. Contemporary war zones – politics aside – aren’t enough grist for the Ennis mill so he sends him back to WWII. To kill Hitler. But it’s after that that things get really crazy! This is excellent and Ennis brings some much needed humour back to the character.

There is a second one-shot story set in mediaeval Japan featuring Apollo too which isn’t really meant to be cannon. It is a rather beautiful, thematic piece that makes for a lovely interlude before we hit volume two.

This being Midnighter, and this being WWII, there is a lot of black and grey but there is also a lot of attention to detail in the art. The authenticity of the uniforms, the intricacy in the panels, the sense of motion in the action sequences is all top notch stuff. They certainly aren’t skimping on the production values here.

The Japanese story is rendered in a slightly different style and has a subdued palette which does compliment the fact the story is told in flashback. There are some strong nocturnal sequences but there isn’t the movement on the page that samurai action should have. Although there is a superb digital composition of a sword in motion that leaps off the page. A shame there weren’t more of these moments of brilliance.

A highly recommended Thumbs Up!

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