Grifter & Midnighter – Chuck Dixon

Grifter & MidnighterOh no another cynical crossover cash-in. But fear not, this is good. It has a strong pace driven by action, witty dialogue, and doesn’t disrespect the characters. Although the narration does insult you, the reader, directly. But that just makes it quaint.

You don’t need to know who Midnighter or Grifter are, or the Authority who briefly cameo. There are references to previous continuity but they won’t trouble you. The bad guy is just generic monster from outer-space so you won’t be required to do any thinking. Read this because it is fun[ny].

The art is good. Plenty of variety in style and technique. It is very digital overt with tons of motion blur and the like. As it is used competently this shouldn’t bother you.

Thumbs Up!

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