Number of the Beast – Scott Beatty

NOBWildstorm just made up a huge bunch of heroes called the Paladins very much in the golden age stereotype. Oh no, nothing to see he… Wait a minute. There’s a twist?

If you manage to survive the scene setting of the first issue and see what Beatty’s novel idea is then you will definitely want to see it through. Some unexpected characters pop up from the Ellis run on Stormwatch so this may get your little grey cells humming.

I read this to better understand the Authority: Worlds End book. I didn’t really need to. The same goes with the Stormwatch PHD: Worlds End book. Both teams are in it but not in any meaningful role except perhaps Jackson King, but he is more convenient than essential.

The art is Wildstorm. Over-the-top colours (in a good way), strong drawing and excitable panel structure.

It’s got some strong ideas but is a shame it was made to include popular characters for sales.

Thumbs Up!

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