The Authority: Worlds End – Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

Authority Worlds EndThe latest in a LONG line of Authority scribes is Dan Abnett, the Swiss Army Knife of literature, with some help from perpetual co-author Andy Lanning. They continue the tradition of average to mediocre stories.

The setting does have merit. The Authority have been taken down before, in clever and impressive ways, but always with a brute force they can fight against. Abnett’s utter desolation of UnLondon and in particular how this handicaps each member of the team has potential; as do their quirky antagonists.

The art is fine but like the obligatory sewer level of any first person shooter detail amongst the murky wash of backgrounds is limited. Although it is certainly much better than the pressed for time blank backgrounds and makes the colourful outfits of the Authority a noticeable contrast.

The obligatory crossover with Stormwatch due to the “Worlds End” storyline is handled swiftly and painlessly. It does enough to make you want to keep reading.

Thumbs Up!

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