The Authority: Rule Britannia – Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

Authority Rule BritanniaAbnett & Lanning are getting into their stride. They are plucking characters from The Authority cannon to make a surprise return. They are also making the most of the UK setting to delve into its rich folklore and history, although this may go over the heads of many readers.

Peril having driven them to rock bottom the team can only go up and we start to see green shoots appear in the darkest hour. This is textbook plotting and you can’t help but smile when a plan comes together.

Everything is done at breakneck speed. This does make this a real page turner and you are glad this is nine issues. But even this seems to pass too quickly. The ending is optimistic and you can’t wait for another instalment. What a shame the remaining issues were never collected in trade.

There are no less than eight pencillers and inkers on this book and the style can change abruptly. But the frenetic pace and the interesting narrative tricks used early on propel you forward.

A stronger Thumbs Up!

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