Crossed: Badlands Volume Eight – Si Spurrier & David Hine

Crossed 8This volume contains three stories. The last one appeared in the Crossed Annual 2013, the others are from the ongoing Badlands series #37-43.

So, imagine Crossed written by Shane Black. Or maybe the Blues Brothers. This is a road trip movie, that while light on substance is dripping with style. Chunky narration appears between the panels that dovetails into the dialogue in quite a profound way. There isn’t that much depth to the characters but you are certainly intrigued by their colourful nature. The art is good and works in tandem with the narration to give a cool, Indy feel to the storytelling.

The second story is one of the most profound subjects ever tackled in a Crossed book. It deals with rape and what happens afterwards, in the real world, in our world. Obviously we see a lot of sexual violence in Crossed stories, some of which makes us uncomfortable but most we are now hardened to. By having a proper discussion hosted by relatable characters we experience something new.

This is well told indeed. The story opens up like a flower as you read it. Everything gently falls into place at the right time and you get the wonderful feeling you worked it all out on your own. It is set in Japan which is a new location for us to visit and makes an unusual backdrop.

The art is good, and though a little basic, delivers excellent expression and emotion in the key points. The colouring is strong with appropriate digital touches and clear flashbacks.

All in all a bold Thumbs Up!

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