Crossed: Badlands Volume Nine – Daniel Way & Simon Spurrier

Crossed 9First we have seven issues by Daniel Way who is better known for Deadpool and Wolverine. This doesn’t hit the spot and appears to be a rush to get ideas onto the page. Maybe as monthly parts you have time to mull over these ideas but here we just have a jumble of faces appearing and disappearing. We know that normal people go crazy in this setting and the Wish You Were Here title does a better job of examining characters in depth.

The art and colouring do a fine job. There are a few blank backgrounds and the odd style choice though.

Then we have the 2013 Crossed Special by Simon Spurrier. This does a much better job in a lot less pages. Spurrier is clearly the heir to the Ennis kingdom and this is another tale of what people would do in an extraordinary situation.

The art is great and some cool choices are made. He uses the lettering to superb effect. He goes for the abstract when using narration. This definitely makes the most of the visual medium.

After many years of Crossed it’s all getting a bit rapey. I don’t remember it having such a misogynistic undertone in the beginning. Sexual violence and torture porn are shortcuts for lazy writing and any Crossed scribe should know we are immune to it by now.

For the Spurrier story this deserves a Thumbs Up!

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