Mister O – Lewis Trondheim

Mister OThis is a wordless book from prolific French cartoonist Lewis Trondheim. It features the titular Mister O – a circle with arms and legs – and his persistent failure to cross a chasm.

Each page features sixty tiny panels which begin with him arriving at a chasm and then employing the latest method to reach the other side. Everything from magic carpets to flatulence is tried but all end in his death at the bottom of the chasm Wile E Coyote style.

The art is very basic but it is incredible what expression and emotion Trondheim can elicit from two dots for eyes and squiggly mouth. There is only as much detail as needed in this elegantly simple masterpiece.

If this was a weekly webcomic or newspaper strip it would certainly keep you coming back for more. At thirty-two pages in one sitting however this single scenario does tend to grind. Try to ration yourself to one a day and it will be at its best.

Thumbs Up!

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