Eve: True Stories – Daniel Way

Eve True StoriesA graphic novel based on a video game is as dire prospect as a film based on one. But this isn’t really about the world of the game but something the players did within it. A legendary corporate takeover probably won’t mean much unless you play EVE or a game similar to it, in which case you wouldn’t really need to read about it.

For the outside reader this is basically a heist tale in space. There really isn’t any backstory or worldbuilding to show you more about EVE other than dialogue boxes explaining some of the jargon. You could easily replace the spaceships with boats, trucks or stagecoaches and it would read the same.

The art is ok with some good attention to the colouring to try and differentiate as the story jumps backwards and forwards in time in order to try and build suspense. It’s a little bit murky and with a lot of characters, many of whom only appear briefly, which doesn’t help to clarify things.

It’s a fleeting and entertaining read if you know the real-world incident behind it but it won’t stay in your mind for very long.

Thumbs Up, but only just.

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