Caliban – Garth Ennis

CalibanIt’s a very competent work and a pleasing read but definitely not the passion-filled viscera that Ennis is capable of. It looks like his new masters at Avatar have got him on a tight leash as there is no real politics here. It does have the typical Ennis hallmarks of the slow burn start and huge amounts of dialogue however.

The look, feel and story are pretty much lifted from Event Horizon and Alien, so much so the book is dedicated to H R Geiger. There are no grand sci-fi ideas and the characters don’t last long enough to develop or get fleshed out – it’s that kind of tale. Even the love story, whilst charming, isn’t one of the Ennis epics like Preacher or Wormwood.

The art, and particularly the colouring, is spot on. You want the tones to be dark and murky to show fear, suspense, claustrophobia and the grime of industry. But you want to see what is going on and to tell the characters apart. This strikes the perfect balance and although there aren’t any other bells and whistles from the visuals this is enough to elevate it into greatness.

It’s an enjoyable read and it does a good job of bringing horror to the page but you won’t be itching to read it again too quickly.

Thumbs Up!

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