Seven Soldiers of Victory: Volume Four – Grant Morrison

Seven Soldiers of Victory 4It all comes to an end in a Watchmen style hammer blow. You have to remember this was originally a multitude of miniseries chronicling concurrent events. Although the tiny hints and references to other stories are there, you are reading this consecutively as a collected work. Other than the grand finale there is no Zatanna or Witchboy to speak of sadly. There is a handy recap of the story so far however for the bewildered or forgetful.

This book, and the series as a whole, seems to be more concerned with detail and intricacy than relatable human drama. The questions it asks and scenes it paints are epic in scale. Having said that there is a profoundly dark scene of corruption and the loss of innocence that is far more tangible than most comics can deliver.

The final issue where all the characters appear for the showdown also has some solid gold Morrison genius. His narrative hocus-pocus goes off the scale as we see the first example of storytelling by crossword puzzle. Literally.

If you have come this far then there is no way you will give up now. And if you have enjoyed yourself then the ending won’t disappoint.

Thumbs Up!

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