Kick Ass 2 Prelude: Hit Girl – Mark Millar

Kicks Ass - Hit GirlThe title for this book is odd and it makes you think this is some spin of done for cynical dollars whereas it is a proper chapter in the story arc. Granted it is a short chapter without the ambitious achievements of the first book but it definitely delivers the same heart and humour you demand.

Romita’s art is perfect. His style fits extremely well for a title that is chiefly about children yet expresses ultraviolence with equal ease.

This is a series that is primarilly Millar’s personal “disgruntled of Scotland’” letters to the Times about the state of the world. This includes disposable culture, criminality and a large helping of comic books. Whilst not quite breaking the fourth wall the constant comic book references remind you that you are reading fiction yet assure you that the author really is speaking your language.

A Thumbs Up!

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