The Fuse: The Russia Shift – Antony Johnston

Fuse 1This is a cop buddy movie. But on a space station. In the future.

This doesn’t stretch for any new concepts or big ideas like say Powers, but it refines the procedural drama to as shiny as it gets. We are all so postmodern we are expecting aliens or magic to pop up but this is just human drama. The twists are subtle and believable and the plot rock solid.

The worldbuilding – with a future and an unusual location – is top notch. You feel as much of an outsider as the newly arrived protagonist, yet not confused or lost. There is no clever hook, it just hits the ground running and it isn’t till a few dozen pages in that you realise this is basically dialogue between two characters.

The art isn’t minimalist but sparing. Good colour brings depth to the page and a smaller palette allows colour to entice emotion. The lack of detail ensures a streamlined read and snappy pacing.

The ending is a bit Agatha Christie with a massively detailed explanation of the murder to make sure you know what happened and that feels a bit out of place considering the light and energetic pace of the rest of the book.

It never tries to overreach itself but that guarantees a solid, and entertaining, read.

Thumbs Up!

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